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Originally Posted by -EndOfAnEra- View Post
A sad, sad day. European Delivery was on my bucketlist for years, always dreaming of saving it up for that first M car, waiting until my son was old enough to enjoy a lovely European vacation and feeling the thrum of that mighty engine on the Autobahn or even the Nurburgring if I dared.

I'm personally of the opinion that even as a loss leader, the experience was key to getting people to love the brand and stay with it through questionable marketing and design directions. How can you not love an organization sponsoring some of the greatest driving opportunities available to the average person?

I'm hoping COVID killed it, and when the dust settles it'll come back. But I have my doubts...

To the OP, and all who got to experience this, thanks for your words, your pictures and your journals. You helped those of us who never made it live vicariously through your experiences and I deeply thank you for that!
I spoke with several people within BMW NA and Germany, and they decided to shut down the program way before Covid. It's sad, but it's the reality.
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