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Depends on your priorities and your preferences. Based on your comparison with the RS7 I'm assuming you are speaking about the Gran Coupe.

+ Good Materials and Build Quality
+ RWD Based Platform
+ Quick Powertrain/RWD Mode
+ iDrive
+/- Tons of Configurability
- Poor Value (Coupe and Vert might have more deals)
- Could feel more special for the price
- Likely Firmer Ride
- M5 Exists
- Not as Practical

+ Good looks
+ More Practical
+ A lot Cheaper
+ Likely softer ride
+ Fast Enough for Most Buyers
- Not as "fun"
- MLB/Transverse Platform
- Touchscreen Interior
- RS6 Exists

I'd also check out the AMG GT4D as well as the refreshed E63S and even Porsche Panamera's (some really good deals on barely used models and Sport Turismo's out there)

Personally I would get an E63S since I like the current AMG over M and I'm a sucker for wagons or even the Panamera ST because of the deals and its another wagon, and if I had to get Audi, the RS6 would get my vote because wagon (there's a theme here ), but if your looking at bimmers, I'd get the M5 because I don't see enough of an upgrade for the price of the M8GC but it looks like you already have one based on your profile, so honestly while the M8 looks much better, it may not be as much of an upgrade from your M5 and you will likely lose a lot of money in the process. But, if you have the money and the looks are a must for you, then the M8GC is a good option, in the end though it really depends on your preferences and what you want in a car.

If you want to know more about the GC in particular and the upgrade from the M5, I suggest you hit up resident expert Limey.
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