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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
Ok, that article says the complete 2018 season had 490million unique viewers.

The 2018 fifa wc final had 1.12 billion views (which are all unique viewers).
So the best viewed football match (yes, 1 match) has almost 2,5 times as much unique views as a complete annual f1 season.

Except for in the US, in virtually every other country in the world its by far the most popular sport to watch.

The best watched F1 grand prix (monaco) only has about 110million views.
The average views on a fifa wc match (so 64 in total, so also all the ) is 191 million. Thats over 70% more views average compared to the best viewed F1 match...

Really, its no comparison.
And the total global views counting european championchips, uefa etc etc makes it infinately bigger. The football world is huge, by far the most popular sport on earth in every way you measure it.
I've seen these comparisons before. It's really a comparison between Apples and Engine Blocks. Not valid from any standpoint.
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Hell, I get random sausage attacks when I go anywhere.

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