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Your supposed to every 5 yrs or so. It doesn't necessarily mean it's broken, may be that the oils have dried up and it just needs cleaning. I had a watch run flawlessly for 16 years without service. Eventually the chronograph stopped working and that's when I finally sent it.
I wonder how much $ your regular servicing would have been, vs that one-time repair bill? Do you regularly service your watch now?
depends on the watch brand, but if it's just a service a few hundred up to seven or eight hundred. the service for the watch I was talking about was around 1700, but I had the hands, crystals, and strap replaced. also had the movement polished and the case restored. came back like new and then some. funny how a watch that hasn't been worn much all of the sudden is a favorite again. I now have a spreadsheet to track what was serviced when.

edit - I should note that nothing was broken or needed repair. just the oils dried up and it needed to be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. I took that opportunity to bring it back to new. most manufacturers will offer that (or pitch, upsell, whatever you want to call it).
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