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Originally Posted by tranquility View Post
Thanks and I know you're not being a smartass.

I just think it's a bit deceptive for watchmakers, Oris, in my case, to make it sound like that such service is *optional*. If you read my manual, it says that an 'overhaul is recommended'...whatever the heck that means; definitely nowhere did it state it was mandatory. Not everyone is a WIS, and for someone ignorant about this issue like myself that had just gotten into the 'fancier' watches, I would think why should I bother if the manual only makes it a suggestion/recommendation? I thought that mechanical or automatic watches are supposed to be less maintenance-worrisome due to its very nature of not needing a battery, seems awesome, isn't that partly why they are much more expensive than any regular watch? The sales when I bought it didn't warn me about this mandatory service either.

As such, it still leaves a sour taste because I scour manuals and if I read a clear instruction to periodical service, I would have done it. It's not the same as our BMWs because, for example, no one merely 'recommends' oil changes...if you don't do it after a long time, your engine will definitely be messed up.

Understood, but at least a lesson learned. I'm sorry you had a bad experience and I would be upset with the salesman not talking about maintenance. A good salesman should be inquiring about your experience with mechanical watches and emphasize that they aren't "set and forget".

They're more expensive for many reasons, for some it's the name, but in general it's because they're precision machines assembled by hand. They're definitely not less maintenance or worrisome. Here's another tip, if you bang your mechanical watch too hard, and it doesn't have shock protection, that can really damage the gear train as well.

Here's the except from my daily wear Hamilton,

"Please note that as with any micromechanical precision
instrument, HAMILTON watches require regular maintenance.
This keeps your watch in perfect working order
and makes it last longer.
The frequency with which this maintenance work needs
to be carried out depends on the model, as well as climatic
conditions and the owner’s care of the watch.
Therefore we cannot give a specific time interval for
servicing. We generally recommend that a complete
maintenance service should be carried out every 3 to
5 years.
To ensure that the service is carried out professionally,
kindly take your watch to an authorized HAMILTON
Service Center or official HAMILTON retailer."

Here's the statement from my Oris manual,

"Oris watches, like any other
device with mechanical components,
needs maintenance from
time to time. However, the need
for maintenance depends heavily
on personal usage, the climate
and how the watch is looked after.
For normal, careful use, Oris
recommends general maintenance
every 4 – 5 years.
Hand in your watch to an official
Oris retailer or send it to the Oris
service centre in your country.
You can find a directory listing all
approved retailers and service
centres in the attached document,
or the latest updated version can
be viewed at"

Both are pretty explicit that regular maintenance is necessary.

Good topic for anyone thinking of getting into mechanical watches! Thanks for sharing your learnings and I hope you get your watch sorted out.
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