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Originally Posted by tranquility View Post
What a coincidental thread. I'm not sure if OP is familiar with automatic watches, but apparently one needs to have them serviced every few years. I didn't know it's imperative and my Oris died after 13 years. I think for $ value and design and quality, it's up there, but that obviously left a sour note w/ me, vs say a $5 Timex which probably won't break down save for battery changes.

General question:
Do you guys service your watches regularly and if not, any prbs? How much is the service cost?
There are some good service centers in the U.S. and some watches should go back to Switzerland or Germany or U.K for service.

Some watches like diving watches Blancpain fifty fathoms can be very expensive service.

U bring up a good point some quartz watches or solar watches are very good. But as an example as an heirloom a mechanical watch could conceivably last millinium and quartz unlikely solar - I donít know.