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Originally Posted by tranquility View Post
What a coincidental thread. I'm not sure if OP is familiar with automatic watches, but apparently one needs to have them serviced every few years. I didn't know it's imperative and my Oris died after 13 years. I think for $ value and design and quality, it's up there, but that obviously left a sour note w/ me, vs say a $5 Timex which probably won't break down save for battery changes.

General question:
Do you guys service your watches regularly and if not, any prbs? How much is the service cost?
Your supposed to every 5 yrs or so. It doesn't necessarily mean it's broken, may be that the oils have dried up and it just needs cleaning. I had a watch run flawlessly for 16 years without service. Eventually the chronograph stopped working and that's when I finally sent it.
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