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Originally Posted by tranquility View Post
What a coincidental thread. I'm not sure if OP is familiar with automatic watches, but apparently one needs to have them serviced every few years. I didn't know it's imperative and my Oris died after 13 years. I think for $ value and design and quality, it's up there, but that obviously left a sour note w/ me, vs say a $5 Timex which probably won't break down save for battery changes.

General question:
Do you guys service your watches regularly and if not, any prbs? How much is the service cost?

They're machines, finely engineered, just like your BMW, and therefore require regular maintenance and service.

I recommend every 3-5 years depending on how often a particular watch is in rotation. Remember that these hair sized gears are running 24/7, it is unreasonable to expect that they can run indefinitely without maintenance.

Getting into mechanical watches does come with more upkeep that folks don't think about.

I bet your Oris can be recovered. I'm not trying to be a smartass about it, but 13 years is pretty dang good if you didn't maintain it. The sour taste in your mouth isn't the fault of Oris. Every mechanical watch manual will tell you the service interval.

The price depends on where you take it, the brand, and the level of the watch. For example, my daily wear Hamilton that has few complications is about 100 dollars. However, for a very complicated watch such as a perpetual calendar or moon phase, it can be many hundreds of dollars.

Whatever the price is, it's worth you maintaining your tiny machine so that it doesn't die after 13 years.
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