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So new topic, Speeding and Radar detector and lidar.

So everyone knows speeding is illegal, but did you know you can go to jail in Virginia for high speeds? This would lead one to believe that you should get a radar detector; however they are illegal in DC & VA. I'll focus on Virginia, but in DC the use of red light, speed cameras, cops and general foot traffic and pedestrian can make it difficult to speed anyhow. it's rare to see a Police Officer issued anything in the 30+ mph range, even 20+ is not as common as in other states.

In Virginia, anything over 20 mph is considered "Reckless Driving" and it's punishable by up to 1 year in jail, a $2500 fine, AND 6 months without a license In ADDITION to 6 out 12 points on your license, meaning you could get a DMV loss with two of them.

However, a radar ticket is a maximum fine of $250; and usually around $30. so it's the "safer" way to go but it's still illegal and will almost always get you pulled over irregardless of speed.