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I am an enthusiast and I think it is special. It is the most dynamic design BMW offered in a long time. I am a Porsche guy and have had all the 911 models until the 997 but today the 8 stole my heart. Yesterday I ordered a loaded 840i and could not be happier. I am keeping my 911 turbo but at the same time am truly exited to be able to own the 8 series. It is really special. If this design would have come from Aston, Maserati or Ferrari with of course the according front and rear this basic design would be heralded as the 'best ever'. Now it is 'just' a BMW and the haters are gonna hate. I don't care, I love it and
BMW did a great job, period !!!

I went for the 840i as the BMW DNA is inline 6 and power will be plenty.
To me a BMW with an inline 6 is just what I want. This month I will turn 54 and it feels like I will be getting the 635 CSi I was longing for in my early twenties.

I feel very fortunate to be able to afford this new BMW!