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Originally Posted by N & M View Post
For all the wait, the M8 should have been great but sadly it ain’t...
Sorry for the silly rhyme but it is just frustrating to hear all reviews on this car.
The clear theme is this car has some outstanding elements but misses the mark on account that it can’t quite shine in one particular area.

It has the legs to go fast but it about 150KG too heavy. It has the material quality and substance but the style is too controlled and toned down to raise the heart beat. It is substantial in size yet has little space to accommodate.

In short it is a jack of all trades that masters none and when set out to build a car like this it needs to be inspire desire.

In the end in trying to be the ultimate car for everyone it has sadly fallen short.

Let’s hope that M8 GC hits one of those touch points and gives 8 the greatness it deserves .
Bmw has been about building versatile cars that are competent at everything and appeal to a relatively broad market though. Part of the problem is that versatile cars, that don't shine in one particular area, are less exciting for a reviewer that has the car for a limited time. The limitations inherent in more focused models might be less bothersome for a car reviewer who just wants to put the car through its paces for several hours.

On the contrary, for an owner who lives with car everyday, one comes to appreciate all of the things it does well. Where the car reviewer, driving the car in a relatively limited context, sees a car that lacks focus or "character", an owner is more likely to embrace its versatility. One can have fun with the car on a windy backroad, but also have a refined, comfortable, safe luxury car for impressing clients or driving your parents in law to the airport. Add to that the range of trim levels within each model line, and there exists a whole other dimension of versatility and attributes to appeal to a broad palate.