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It's ridiculous how you guys see soo much flaw about this car and nothing good? Smh well as a owner of about 10 m cars it's the best I ever had , perfect job bmw I'm a very happy owner!!!🙏🏽
They fault it against those other cars but they forget every day drive ability and reliability. The ride is firm but still comfortable. The steering is quick and precise, the fit and finish is the best to date from BMW and the car looks so special in person. It is so much easier to drive than the 911, attracts way less attention than the Aston or Bentley but still exclusive enough to rarely see another one. Yes it's expensive but much cheaper than a R8 or those other cars plus service and reliability and a solid dealer network makes it easy to own. And leasing is far better than VAG cars like Audi and Bentley that have horrid residuals and terrible rates.

Easier to drive than the 911?

The M8 does look great and has great features but for that price point I was hoping bmw would have released a super car or exotic of some sort. At least something handcrafted or a bit more unique.

At the end of the day though if the owners are happy with it then that's all that really matters. I believe the criticism on this forum stems from the misconception that the 8 series is the successor to the 6 series regardless of whether that's true or not.
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