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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
We haven't quite decided on a hotel yet, but I'm thinking I have to bring the bazooka, if only for the zoo. Like you recommended, I'll leave it at the hotel when it's not needed.

Thanks for the tips.
Np. I travel a fair amount for work and always try to balance what camera and/or lens(es) I bring if I have a camera pass or think I'll have time\use for a camera.

Btw, if there are indoor tanks/aquariums/critter displays, you can hold your camera/lens up to the glass to minimize indoor light reflections (eg display lights) off the glass. Examples attached...both pix were taken of things inside displays where there were lots of glare on the glass. I have a friend who does some pretty cool stuff in the air and uses a piece of black neoprene folded around his lenses to minimize/eliminate glare as well. I would recommend having a UV filter or some other protective layer between the actual camera lens and display glass, though.
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