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Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
If you do attend any shows at Sea World or in general at the zoo, you might want the telephoto that the 70-200 brings. This is just me, but at aquarium type places, I tend to go wide/close to take pix instead tanks and the ability to go ultra wide also makes it easier if you pix of the family w/ critters in the background if you are in a congested or tight space. For zoos, addt'l telephoto has always been useful so I bring my 70-200.

24-70L is a great lens and provides a decent wide angle w/ more telephoto than the 16-35L. I guess a question would be how much focal length do you normally shoot with?

Also, where will you be staying? You could always bring all 3 and leave behind 1 or 2 at your place of shelter. If a hotel, lock them up in your luggage.
We haven't quite decided on a hotel yet, but I'm thinking I have to bring the bazooka, if only for the zoo. Like you recommended, I'll leave it at the hotel when it's not needed.

Thanks for the tips.