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Originally Posted by are0lies View Post
Personally, I would not leave the 24-70 behind. As for a tripod, remember that alot of places don't allow them. I have a monopod, which makes it easier to use. Also take your 70-200, as there will be areas in San Diego that you will want to zoom in on. Going into any of the venues, your 24-70 is the one to have. Enjoy your stay. Just to let you know, I understand that the orca shows have been eliminated, but you can still see them in their pools.
I hope not, my 6 yr old has "graduated" from dinosaurs to sharks and killer whales. My co-worker went last month and said they still had the orcas, but I didn't ask if there were shows or not. That would be a bummer.

Does anyone know specifically where tripods are not allowed?

Thanks to everyone.