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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
All I can say is, "I feel like I'm cheating". It's that much better. That said, if you don't need killer AF, I think that the Canon and Nikon alternatives do a fantastic job. For someone just starting, then I'd say to start with Sony. If you've got 5-figures invested in Canon or Nikon, then you don't need to move, UNLESS super autofocus is required. Then it's a game changer.

Look at this eagle shot my Canon-friend, Mike Reardon, took with a Sony RX-10:

The one-inch sensor isn't the cat's meow in low light, or for large prints, but the AF system is pretty amazing. That's a $1700 system!!
Oh, I've been resisting the temptation to grab an RX-10 IV. Ed's work with it has been astounding. I just wish I could scrape up the determination to box up and sell some of my existing gear. But I have this intense aversion to to selling stuff online.

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