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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
My doctor told me that teas can increase the incidents of acid reflux...we have to look at what cause GERD before we start making suggestions guys....

The medication is similar to what you take with OTC stuff. As a matter of fact my doctor told me that I could continue to take Prilosec OTC to combat my symptoms with no ill-effects. For me 1 pill a week works great...see your doctor tell him your symptoms and then let him make a diagnosis (esp. since you are diabetic). Good Luck and keep working out!
GERD has a multitude of causes. The primary one is incomplete clearance of regurgitated material.

My point is that while GERD seems likely, there are several causes of heartburn that the physician needs to rule out. Heartburn is not necessarily the same thing as GERD, which is why we tell people to go see a doc.

So basically, we agree