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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
If you're hitting 205 now, 225 by summer is definitely possible. As for the deadlift I'd keep your "bad" diet where it is and just crush it in the gym. Makes sense that you would put some weight on in the mid-section when not working out and a bad diet, but if you keep that diet and lift your ass off the weight will move to where it is needed. As you said you're naturally very lean, so adding physical activity variable will yield some solid results in my opinion.
Thanks man.

I've wanted 225 for the longest time and just hitting 205 made me ecstatic. I hit 175, then 185, and said why not go for 205.

My abs are gone but hitting PRs makes up for it I guess lol.

My gym just gone one of those U shaped sprinting treadmills, were this is no way to set a speed. You just start running and it gets faster and faster. I'm excited to try it but also don't want to be that guy that falls and gets thrown across the gym lol.

I'm struggling getting my legs to grow. Since I'm lean, so are my legs. I can squat 315 but they aren't growing and its driving me nuts. Any advice? I'm considering just increasing the amount of sets and reps I do even on strength days.