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Originally Posted by downshiftapex View Post
After taking about 2 weeks off from the gym because of work travels and just needing some rest, it feels good to be back. My diet the past 2 weeks was bad.

This week I hit 205lbs on bench press, which is a huge PR for me. The last time I benched my PR was 175lbs. I am on track to hitting 225lbs by summer.

Deadlifted this week but only hit my PR of 345lbs. I attempted 365lbs first, but it just wasn't moving. This puts me behind in February as I need to increase DL by 20lbs a month to hit 405lbs by May/June.

Gotta start watching what I eat, I'm naturally very lean but I've noticed weight gain in stomach area which isn't flattering.

Last time I weighed myself I was around 152. I'm probably now around 157-165 @ 5'9.
If you're hitting 205 now, 225 by summer is definitely possible. As for the deadlift I'd keep your "bad" diet where it is and just crush it in the gym. Makes sense that you would put some weight on in the mid-section when not working out and a bad diet, but if you keep that diet and lift your ass off the weight will move to where it is needed. As you said you're naturally very lean, so adding physical activity variable will yield some solid results in my opinion.