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After taking about 2 weeks off from the gym because of work travels and just needing some rest, it feels good to be back. My diet the past 2 weeks was bad.

This week I hit 205lbs on bench press, which is a huge PR for me. The last time I benched my PR was 175lbs. I am on track to hitting 225lbs by summer.

Deadlifted this week but only hit my PR of 345lbs. I attempted 365lbs first, but it just wasn't moving. This puts me behind in February as I need to increase DL by 20lbs a month to hit 405lbs by May/June.

Gotta start watching what I eat, I'm naturally very lean but I've noticed weight gain in stomach area which isn't flattering.

Last time I weighed myself I was around 152. I'm probably now around 157-165 @ 5'9.