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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
So I haven't been to the gym in weeks because of family issues. And I'm not stressing it. I actually look almost beach ready from the weight I've lost...just my muscles don't have that "pop" factor. The vascularity is still there.

But for the past two weeks, I've had the chance to work one on one with my dad and his PT in the rehab place.

I've been with him everday through 3 hours of PT each day alternating upper body and lower body. He's even doing it the same days he has dialysis which surprised the health care people as hemo-dialysis is supposed to take a lot out of you.

He went into the hospital at almost 213lbs. Between the fluid he was carrying from kidney failure and getting in a proper almost 4 weeks later he weighed in at 156 lbs.

I hate what he's had to go through, but this has brought us so much closer to each other. He told me if I wasn't there, he would probably not be putting in the effort he is as I am pushing him when I know he can do more.

The PT's have basically given me his exercises for the day, and let me have at it while they supervise. So if he's on a bike, so am I. If he's working with resistance bands, I'm right there doing the same thing.

Then I eat dinner with him there. I let him make the meal choice, and he's learning how to properly eat.

Now when I show up....he's asking me if I'm ready for my "butt whipping". His progress is so good, they are saying he may actually get to go home after another week!

He will be on dialysis the rest of his life, but ironically will also have the chance to be in the best shape of his life in the last 15 years!
This is really great man. Glad that everything is going well. The sentence I put in bold about gave me goosebumps just reading. Really shows how much your support means to him. No father wants to let down their son, and being there day by day has given him that drive. Just awesome!