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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
I think you're missing the point. Most people that are talking about range anxiety are talking about the EV being their ONLY car. I drive 50-60 miles a day, and I would have no problem dailying an EV. Simply plug it up when I'm home, and when I leave in the morning, unplug and I have a full charge, easy enough. If it were my only car, I'd have trouble visiting the mountains or the beach or my parents. But since I have other vehicles to drive, I simply wouldn't take the EV out. The same cannot be said for others. Not everyone has the means to have multiple cars, or the room.
Yeah, but I had a Miata as an only car for years. With enough desire, you can make almost anything work.

I'd imagine the majority of folks who would consider an EV have the means to rent an ICE for longer trips, or would do what most people do and fly there.

My Miata and M Coupe were just awful interstate cars, even before track modifications. I'd rent an appropriate car for long trips if I wasn't flying. Not sure why an EV wouldn't be treated similarly.

I do see the appeal of the fast charging on the Taycan. 80% charge in fifteen minutes means I could make the drive from Austin to my folks in Santa Fe with three charges, which is about the number of stops my wife and kid would require anyway. I wouldn't take an EV on that drive, but I have seen an increasing number of them each time I make the drive.