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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
You guys are making shit up. My wife drives seven miles a day. It takes her weeks to need gas. If I plugged an EV in overnight on a weekend, she'd be fine. Inevitably her car will need gas when it's 37, windy and rainy and the first two stations I go to will have premium out of order. We already use my car exclusively for road trips, so there's really zero opportunity for EV range anxiety in our situation. Given the number of EV'a just in my community and the fact that I've never seen one on the side of the road, I'd guess they're not freaking out about it either.
I think you're missing the point. Most people that are talking about range anxiety are talking about the EV being their ONLY car. I drive 50-60 miles a day, and I would have no problem dailying an EV. Simply plug it up when I'm home, and when I leave in the morning, unplug and I have a full charge, easy enough. If it were my only car, I'd have trouble visiting the mountains or the beach or my parents. But since I have other vehicles to drive, I simply wouldn't take the EV out. The same cannot be said for others. Not everyone has the means to have multiple cars, or the room.
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