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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Right, but that's by and large a "throw money at it" problem. If it had to get done, it would get done. But the recharge time is a physics issue. It's a limitation of the what we know at this point in time. Even you go and science the shit out of it, you can't cheat it. I'm not saying that with an essentially unlimited R&D budget, we can't get EVs to go 250 more miles in five minutes time. Maybe we can. But you still need the man days to figure that out. How long? Who knows.

I'm also not saying the infrastructure isn't a challenge as well - it definitely is. But if we wanted to do it, if we really wanted it soon, we could pump it with cash and do it. The problem is there's no point in doing until you know people are going to use it. And people aren't going to use it until they can recharge the car while they buy a coffee and some Funyuns. It could be a quarter century until that's possible.
So this may be a big stumbling block that will slow EV's from taking market share anytime soon. There are fanboys out there that seem to think that in the next 5 years they will be the majority of car sales, there are so many logistical problem to overcome that it's going to take decades before the majority of car sales are EV's.