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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
So there is less range anxiety with an ICE but there can still be some.
Like I say, its the recharge time that's the major differentiator. You don't worry about about being late for an important engagement because it might take an hour or more to fill the ICE vehicle with fuel. You just don't. And as a corollary, no one is anxious about buying an ICE vehicle because that one time they almost ran out of gas and had to turn off the accessories to make it home. It's just not an issue. It's not a thing that makes you pause at the dealership.

If the charge time gets addressed, that fixes everything. It's really that simple. And conversely, until it does, EVs are simply not going to see adoption in appreciable numbers.

Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post
Ok, so range anxiety and recharge anxiety. The video of the Porsche Taycan drag times is interesting, from 20% to 100% charge at a fast charge station takes 53 minutes. If I have to worry about where a charge station is and how many other cars might be lined up when I get there I'm not interested. And I suspect that is a main factor that is stopping people from making the switch. The transition will come, but until these factors are addressed EV's will not become mainstream, faster in urban centres where folks have shorter distances to drive and the ability to charge overnight at home.
Yes. It's that.

Two vehicles on the showroom floor:

a) ICE with 250 miles range
b) EV with 250 miles range

You barely blink an eye at the former. You absolutely balk at the latter. Because the former can be at 500 miles, 750 miles, 1000 miles with 3, 6, 9, minutes of your time. The latter will take you, at best four additional hours to go 1000 miles. That's at absolute best. Worst case, the whole damn day.

Recharge anxiety, range anxiety. Whatever you call it, the recharge time is the elephant in the room.
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