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Tesla can't match the drag strip times due to the outdated battery compared to the new battery tech in the Model 3 as well as the lack of power at the top end, which the Porsche has due to the 2-speed trans, however it will be interesting to see how the Plaid model will do when it comes out (eventually...)
Do these times really matter with these cars? Are you taking either of them to the track? It just seems odd to compare quarter mile times when their ranges at those speeds drop dramatically.

I am curious how many laps the taycan can do before running out of battery.
Personally I couldn't care, I see electric cars more as daily drivers for comfort and ease, which is why I'd buy a Tesla (likely a Model 3) over a Taycan (and still have enough money left for a 718 ).

I think electric cars focus too much on 0-60 times than handling/"soul" but this post was just in response to someone who mentioned drag times in which the graph illustrates Tesla doesn't have repeatability due to the battery technology.
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