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This whole discussion is very interesting. Being from Australia, I find a few things about north american (well US/Canada) car buyers that really irks me. The first is this whole dealer thing, like it's SO IMPORTANT to have dealer support. I basically stole my Saab that I still drive today because people were freaked out that there were no dealers. I don't get the mentality.

The other one is buying and selling private, most people seem to treat it like it's a no-go zone. No idea why folks are so conservative.
Dealer support can be helpful. My prior BMW had constant CELs and eventually I was ready to invoke the Lemon Law in my state. But right before I did it, the Service Manager stepped in and convinced BMW to buy the car back. So it can be helpful (BTW...once BMW agreed to buy back the car BMW was terrific).

I think the selling private thing is a combination of being too busy to deal with it and fear of a bunch of strangers coming over, asking to drive the car, etc.
Agreed. Ive never had an issue that wasn't resolved with my BMWs nor my Porsche. And i was always taken care of and had my concerns addressed and provided a loaner, even when I wasn't supposed to be.

My mother's grand cherokee just gets serviced at walmart since they provide better service there.

My fiancé's ford raptor had multiple recalls and was out of commission for months, and the dealership basically said go fuck yourself when we asked for a loaner; so we had to share one car and use Uber.

My cousins sierra Denali has had 5 warranty issues that took several months to address and the dealerships they used were all shittier than one another. Definitely no loaner either.

I can go on and on about the significant differences between luxury manufacturers and dealerships vs other non luxury brands.


Dealership quality is like car insurance, very unlikely you'll need it, but when you do, you better hope its top notch.
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