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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Yea there is something to be said for that. While agree that overall very little time is spent at the dealership it can still leave a lasting impression. I have been driving bmws for years and all of the bmw dealerships around here are new and beautifully manicured with a very upscale service area. Also, the other patrons tend to look more upperclass. A much higher end experience compared to the gmc dealer I take my wife's car to which is somewhat run down and generally filled with people of a lower socioeconomic status.

So while not super important I can see how the overall dealership experience plays into it. It reaffirms the notion of buying a premium vehicle by providing a premium environment.
Part of what turned me off from the Alfa Romeo Giulia was its dealership experience. They sell cars out of ugly old showrooms which feel like renovated Dodge dealers. There's nothing premium or special feeling about it. Then you head over to the showroom of a real luxury brand and it's an entirely different experience.

I'd still put up with it if the car were any good, but aside from driving dynamics it has zero redeeming qualities.
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