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I would definitely get a 17 or newer. Not that the 15-16s are bad, but Porsche improved the infotainment system to include Apple CarPlay. You will notice a difference in pricing between the very mild refresh and the first two years and I think that’s mainly why besides being 1-2 years older. I would also get CPO if you can swing it price wise just for peace of mind. Porsche CPO is terrific since it’s two additional years with unlimited miles. I got two years of factory warranty, which I’m still on plus two more years of CPO.

I think if I were having a hard time deciding on trim, I would just focus on anything S and above to give you a V6. If fuel economy is a big deal and you’re not able to drive in a spirited fashion, the base model may actually work for you. The PDK in the Macan is definitely a bright spot and helps the 2.0t seem more powerful than it is. You should drive a Q5 2.0t and a base Macan back to back and you will see what I mean.

I will just say that the Turbo is somewhat addictive and makes you want to drive it. And I never really feel like I’m compromising when I drive the Macan instead of the C7 or 718.

PS. find a good independent shop for routine maintenance and save a boatload of money.