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I know. I'm just saying that I've personally never understood the whole 'I bought a Lexus because they have nice dealerships' thing. I mean, cumulatively, for the time you own a car, what do you spend in the dealer? Three hours? Seems odd to make a $50k decision based on three hours of exposure to something, rather than if the actual car is any good.
This whole discussion is very interesting. Being from Australia, I find a few things about north american (well US/Canada) car buyers that really irks me. The first is this whole dealer thing, like it's SO IMPORTANT to have dealer support. I basically stole my Saab that I still drive today because people were freaked out that there were no dealers. I don't get the mentality.

The other one is buying and selling private, most people seem to treat it like it's a no-go zone. No idea why folks are so conservative.
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