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I know. I'm just saying that I've personally never understood the whole 'I bought a Lexus because they have nice dealerships' thing. I mean, cumulatively, for the time you own a car, what do you spend in the dealer? Three hours? Seems odd to make a $50k decision based on three hours of exposure to something, rather than if the actual car is any good.
You don't see the allure, I don't see the allure, but there are a lot of people that do. They want to feel like they got what they paid for when it comes to the dealership experience. Something different from going to a Toyota dealership...some have appetizers, lattes, even meditation rooms are starting to pop up! Generally speaking, the majority of people are pretty shallow and this is the kind of crap that makes them feel important.

For every one of you or I, there are ten completely oblivious to the automotive world outside of dealerships.
Yea there is something to be said for that. While agree that overall very little time is spent at the dealership it can still leave a lasting impression. I have been driving bmws for years and all of the bmw dealerships around here are new and beautifully manicured with a very upscale service area. Also, the other patrons tend to look more upperclass. A much higher end experience compared to the gmc dealer I take my wife's car to which is somewhat run down and generally filled with people of a lower socioeconomic status.

So while not super important I can see how the overall dealership experience plays into it. It reaffirms the notion of buying a premium vehicle by providing a premium environment.