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Who are these people going to the dealership? I tend to try to even get my paperwork done electronically and just drop in to pick up the keys and then that's the last I see of the dealer. It could be a kiosk in a mall for all I care.
You're definitely in the minority (for now at least). There are still a ton of shoppers who want a brick and mortar dealership that they can speak with the sales people, sit in the vehicles, test drive, etc. Same with service. Don't you want to bring your car in to a physical location for service? I certainly do. I like explaining issues, speaking with the service staff to understand what's being done, etc.
Nope. I'd rather take it to a mechanic, not a kid with a shop manual. The only time I go back to the dealer is for recalls or warranty work.

And I know more than any sales guy. Just five minutes on here qualifies you for that.

I also don't like test driving green cars. You're either thrashing someone else's next car or babying something that won't ever be driven that way. I'd much rather go to CarMax and scare their poor sales people.

In my experience, very few dealers want to do the maintenance in the manual. They want to do about 3.6x that level of work and replace every filter at every visit. A good mechanic will do what's in the book and advise of any potential problems, not rebuild the car annually just to try to milk the unsuspecting.