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Originally Posted by Salty Dog View Post
I've been doing it for a few months now, the first few weeks were difficult. I don't eat after dinner which is about 8pm, I have lunch after 11am but I'm an early riser. So go about 16 hours. I have lost about 12 pounds and seem to have plateaued. I guess I'm going to have to eat healthier when I do.
If your weight loss is stalling, you should look at (1) how long you're fasting for (2) how you break your fast (3) changing your exercise routine or adding one if your not currently.
For people, especially men over 40, you should be fasting for 18-20hrs a day for maximum effect. While fasting, only unsweet tea, black coffee or water. When you break your fast, try to mix a lot of carbs with your protein/fat. Wait an hour or so after your first meal to have carbs.
I was in the same boat, then I made the adjustments and am losing again.