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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
You can't leave this hanging in the air. Give!
You are a sick man, I thought you might bite.

When I was working in the downtown core part of my area was the gay village and the hooker strolls. There were lots of Transvestite hookers and between uniform and morality work I knew many of them, and got along quite well with the gay community in general.

When I had a brand new trainee with me on our first midnight shift I would stop for a coffee and then I would always spin the corner of Jarvis and Maitland to see this one "lady" Tito. Maitland is a one way street so I could pull up with the passenger side to the curb. On this one occasion Tito was wearing a lime green fishnet dress, Tito was a beautiful "woman" tall, swarthy with big curly hair and bright red lips Always dolled up. She also had the nicest tits you've ever seen and the fishnet dress didn't leave much to the imagination.

Anyway as I pulled along side Tito leans in the passenger window and says "Hi officer Jim" (a bit of a spanish accent BTW). So I introduce her to my new trainee and he promptly rubs those huge fake titties on his face and then steps back and pulls out her massive beast from under her matching lime green panties....waves, says good night and walks away.....

I miss that stuff, the greatest show on trainee survived and became an excellent copper. You need to jump in with both feet, it's a fast learning curve.

You asked.