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Originally Posted by Rich.Wolfson View Post
Originally Posted by Ric in RVA View Post
Go to a performance oriented track. Yard karts suck..... "fun" karts suck too.....

Then if he likes that and does well you can find a local organization that races and go down that path.
I don't think he ever said what he wanted to accomplish.

Originally Posted by Ric in RVA View Post
I raced KT100 yamaha's back in the 90's. So much fun....but of course I was in my late 20's.
By then, the late 90s, I was 50. I started with a McCulloch and a dry Hartman clutch. Talking about tinkering to get it to go fast. I raced then from Daytona in the south and Loudon NH to the north. Big tracks and sprint tracks. Cuddybackville (OVR) NY was my home track. When the Yahama's came it was easier and faster. And everything got more expensive and technical.

I had Richie Cervone build me a custom frame as my legs are a bit long. Got rid of it to a vintage racer two years ago always hoping some kid would come to me and say they wanted to race. My line would have been, have I got something to show you. But alas....

I was never fast but always had a great time. And learned a LOT and made life long friends.

There's nothing like a race kart. You learn it all and then some. If anyone wants to be a road racer, that is the place to start. And they start kids as young as 7 or 8. Quarter midgets is another place for kids if they want to go fast and turn left and the family doesn't want to get up early as road racers do. <G>

Poiseuille Jr last season. Bet this looks familiar Rich.
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