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If you keep losing air you have a leak.

If you have to fill your tires every couple of days that's normal; for example to keep them at 100 or 110 you need to throw a couple of pumps into them every 3 or 4 days. Normal.

A lot of people fail to look for the source of the flat tire when they have one. It could, for example, be a sliver of metal or a small thorn embedded in the rubber, which repunctures the tube over and over. Or perhaps the tire has a slit large enough to allow gravel to reach in and puncture the tube. When you take the tube out, maintain orientation with the tire and rim to help locate where to look on the tire. Where ever the leak is in the tube, that's where the tire has an issue.

Another possible source of persistent leaks is defective or worn out rim strips that allow the heads of the spokes to wear holes in the tube.