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Some of the comments are spot on and others are just flat out Marketing Brainwash that has changed how this country thinks. Sugar Sugar Sugar its bad!! It's bad in unnatural forms yes keep it to clean sugars from fruits and dried fruits. Gluten....oh god really are we going there. Dont eat bread or rice or carbs. DO NOT LISTEN to these things. Rice and wheat are some of the longest known crops and grains practically in our history. Yes if you have a choice go with brown rice and whole grain breads. Meat! Clean Meat grass fed blah blah its still packed with sodium and fat. And you really dont want to know the things that are fed and put into meat these days. It does literally nothing for you. Diet is all about eating clean and reducing overall calorie intake. If you decide to overeat one day but its clean at least your putting essential vitamins in your body. What I really recommend is buying a treadmill. I use them anytime im just sitting on the couch I load it to my iPad and watch it while walking slow or fast. Also watch out for things that don't add a lot but are packed with calories like milk and cheese. Also creams or syrups in your coffee...these calories add up fast. Dont listen or pay for any diet programs its all about staying active and eating right thats it. I train like crazy finishing up my race season and getting ready for an next running season where I'm moving onto trying an ultra marathon so I run between 50 - 70 miles a week. I will tell you as I switched to vegan about a year ago and have been recovering faster, sleeping better and beating times I ran in my college years and that was 15 years ago. Vegan is not for everyone and is very hard to stick with but man does it do amazing things for your health and weight loss goals. Congats again on the 50! And cheers to the next 50!