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Gorgeous vehicles you have there! That GTC looks like it'd be a riot, I'll have to try one out soon.

Curious as to why you'd want an M8 Coupe when you already have the GTC, seems like the sedan + roadster combo is the best of both worlds over a coupe and roadster.
We are getting another SUV (either X7 or GLS) as the GTC is a summer car only here in MN and am ready to try something else. We have no kids, so really no need for 4 doors.

Strangely enough, the E63s is our winter beater and AWD is important.
Wife is no fan of SUV's and dislikes wagons otherwise the E63s wagon would be ideal.

The M8C should be good in the winter as well.
Other cars considered...
Porsche Taycan (on list but wait too long and price too high - to me at least for a 1st. ten EV)
M5C - Awesome car but am not passionate for the design
RS6-7 Not here yet.
Makes sense. As for the Taycan I feel thats a hard choice. I haven't driven one of course, but while i'm sure it handles like a sports car, when thinking about cars like M and AMG, part of the allure is the engine, exhaust, trans, etc.

Electric cars sure are quick in a straight line but thats not the only metric that matters. I just feel the trouble with making electric cars is that they in a sense lack a soul/personality that any ICE car has. I just watched a Carfection review of the Taycan, and the reviewer, Henry Catchpole, who loves Porsches and sports cars seemed depressed and bored driving it because it lacks those features that us car enthusiasts love. Maybe in reality for us the Taycan will feel more alive, but with electric cars it just seems hard to capture the spirit.

I plan on someday, maybe sooner or later get a Tesla, but I want one more for just everyday driving and traffic, they have no allure for me to really drive them in a way I drive my M2 if you know what I mean.
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