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Originally Posted by LSM View Post
I'm still not convinced the 8GC is meant to compete with the CLS. My feeling is it's meant to compete with the AMG GT 53 with 840 GC M sport less expensive and m850 kills AMG gt 53 but at a higher price.

I configured both, M850i is 112k and built AMG 53 was 110k. Same price with the BMW being much much faster and likely better handling.
I haven't driven a M850i GC. I wasn't impressed with the dealers 125k AMG gt 53 at all. Felt it was a ripoff for that price.

M8 GC competes with the AMG GT 63 and 63s
I can see that. The problem with the 53 variant of the AMG GT 4D is that the CLS exists, and weighs over 200lbs less and offers most of the same features/design elements for over $30k less while offering a more agile/dynamic drive. All you're giving up is really the hatchback utility, some of the looks, and some different interior elements. The GT 4D is suited better to the 63/63s variants. I had the chance to drive on a good back road in the GT 4D63s, and in that form the car is glorious, and the V8 has an incredible exhaust note and shockingly good handling despite its size.
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