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Originally Posted by Taheemr View Post
really cannot get excited about the 8, the hype has not materialised, I fear my M6GC will my last BMW, reserve final judgement for the M8GC, but just not connecting with it, highly disspointed

How is the 8 better looking than this
Properly badass.

One day when I'm old enough I'll perhaps pick up a 6 GC. I'm Still considering an M2 but to be honest . I like my 1M to much to give up.

Updates on cars are coming faster.. just like phones went from 2 -3 year to a 1 year cycle. However it's come to a point where there isn't a lot much more that's in the new cars to keep them desirable. New tech , new looks , and new warranty is about there is. If the looks don't swing it and if the new tech is nominal.. suddenly your old iPhone .. er.....bimmer isn't so bad and nothing wrong with keeping it.

So.. I say the same to you... keep your current car .. if it wasn't for some minor tech things (many of which can be done in the aftermarket ... ) older Bimmers are just awesome.

PS.. if you ever decide to sell... let me know .. if don't have an M2 ...I'll probably be very interested !