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So what does the 8GC compete with??? I feel like its a lot more expensive than an A7/CLS, but still similar in size? Or does it maybe compete with the AMG GT 4D?
It's still in that range of A7 & CLS. Only difference is you'll probably get a prestige A7 for the GC base price. Same for CLS. I see depreciation in the future making them all near same price point. Maybe Panamera is the closest competitor in terms of pricing.
Yeah, my CLS is mostly loaded (missing a few little options) but flies right under the 6 figure mark. A base M850i is $108k and loaded seems to be $123k. While the CLS isn't as fast and lacks the 2 extra cylinders that the bimmer has, I still don't know about whether I'd be willing to jump $25k in price for a similarly optioned M850GC, although the 840 is always an option I guess...

Luckily I still have 2 years on my lease, but I'm very interested in how the 8GC drives. I'm hoping its more impressive than the M550 that left me disappointed last time I tested it.
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