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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
Originally Posted by tmerr View Post
Love how extended that red interior is.. a couple quick questions...
- what actually is the difference between this and the 6 series? 8 is just the new 6?
- with how much these cars have been increasing in price, do they depreciate the same in aggregate? Just trying to figure out how to justify spending $120k, it feels like the increases have seriously been outpacing inflation
Oh my ...

Yes, you do need some catching up.

bmw decided to cancel the 6 series and make a 6 series GT, which no one really likes much and there are rumors it is already dead.

Meanwhile, they made a bigger car , really upped their game on the interior including the seats, added rear wheel steering , refused to design in a Hoffmeister kink, and upped the price tag and named it the 8er that we've always wanted since back in the 90s.

And we will even get an M8
And an M8 competition !
And M8 and M8 C grand coupes!!
And (probably ) an M8 CS ....

meanwhile ..... true 6 series aficionados should consider the current or the next 4 series, which will certainly be priced and sized more in accordance with what a 6 series (used to ) should be.

As far as depreciation on the 8 series .. let's just say it depreciates like a more expensive 7er than a 6er...

If you have to ask me how I know .. see my user ID. I've paid for plenty of wet 8ers this year already.
Agreed - PM sent.

Sorry for the late reply.