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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
I've never seen an E36 M3 CSL at the mall.
For my part, I've never seen an E36 M3 CSL...

Definitely agree with this guy.. horrible street car. And really they only had " hand picked motors".... no major hp bump and the single throttle body ...

I've been in an E36 LTW with Euro motor .. on. Track Putnam Park in Indiana. (Not at the mall ) My instructor at an HPDE owned it... That motor Made the E36 feel like an E30 M3. Wicked. That's back in the Chuck Stickley days an old schooler like Sedan_Clan would know.

It's a shame that some very special M cars never got the full zoot treatment here in the US.

E30 M3 ... the evo models stayed in Europe
E36 318ti.. no full M motor
E36 M3 we got the LTW ..
E46 M3 CSL .. never made it over
E90 M3 GTS...
F80 M4 GTS. Finally giving the dawg a bone!
F80, F82.. CS ...ouch the price on the first two...

F87 CS... coming soon ...
F87 M2 racing .. to replace M240
F87 M2 CSL..
F82 M4 CSL swan song ?
M8 CSL completes the trio and ushers in the next M2 and M4 line ..

IF times have changed and our market share demands MOAR M CAR .. then so be it.