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Originally Posted by Paul567 View Post
Hi there! I’ve got a question about kid’s go-karts. My son is getting 8. He is so hyperactive that's why I decided to buy him his first go-kart. Does anyone have this toy? I want to buy it for my boy but I don’t know how good and safe it is. I found several brands that are popular and the price is fair. Seems like my boy will like go-kart. But it’s better to read the feedbacks from people who already get it. So what brand would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
It's hard to say what you want to do. Do you have land and a road, dirt or otherwise, where he can drive it? Has he asked to drive? Does he crawl behind your wheel and make believe?

When you say go-kart to many of us it suggests a serious commitment, many times the family too, and we are not sure if that is what you want. This from someone who has raced karts for now a bit over 50 years.

So, if you want to see if your son wants to race, take him to one of the indoor karting places and they will set him up. I took my friends daughters when they were 7 and 10 and now three years later we still go but now that they are comfortable and think they are fast I get behind them and push them a bit. Fact is they weigh so little that with only a bit more time on track, I will be toast.

If you are a bit more serious, I would look for a local TQ club in your area. This is much more serious, much more expensive (know how much a suit and helmet for a kid costs and how fast they grow out of them) and a much bigger commitment for the family. If you think your kid wants to "race" than that is the place to start.

All this said it is largely up to the kid other than tooling around on a kart or bike in the back 40. My kids never wanted to race (yes I was disappointed) but one did love to be in the back seat for road rally's and ultimately became my navigator and now he's rallying with his girlfriend soon to be his wife. We took him to a track day recently, he's over 30 in my M235i and it nearly scared the <insert whatever you want here> out of him. And they didn't even get going yet. The instructor was a friend and he got out of the car laughing and asking if he had any of my DNA. Interestingly he doesn't. But he does love and do well at the BMW Driving Experience when it comes to town. Go figure.

I can tell you this. If you want him to be a racer, forcing him is not the way to go. OTOH, having him with you and next to you under the car for oil changes and such, makes a big difference.


PS-Both my boys had tool boxes set up in the garage. It never took.
Also-You never said where you live. Perhaps we can have some suggestions for you.