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Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
Well they need at least two for some ‘seasoning’ but I’m ready for the season to start. Can’t take preseason games for real when more than half of the players will be either cut or regulated to the practice squad. Daniel Jones looks decent but again, he’s not playing against the best.
He played against 1st team today. It may have been the Bengals and it's definitely too early to give him a hall of fame jacket but Daniel Jones is making every media outlet and analyst look like a moron right now. He goes through his reads, makes good decisions, has an amazing touch, puts the ball exactly where he wants it, throws a very catch-able ball. Still a rook that needs to learn a lot but he's passing the eye test right now and making all the other QBs drafted in April look real bad. I don't think Kyler Murray is going to be a bust but I think he's going to have a real bad season and Kingsbury's offense is going to fail in the NFL. I'm 100% confident that the Giants got their franchise QB. Cutcliffe is legit.