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autoart You beat me to it. Every time I see a photo of someone's garage it looks like 3798j's, and I was beginning to wonder if my family is strange. Here's what you can find in the photo below:
  • The timber offcuts collection
  • A glass door ready for our next rennovation
  • A child safety gate that we might use again
  • A couple of jerry cans of E85
  • Tools
  • A 6'4' trailer
  • A bandsaw
  • A long length of yellow tongue for electrical work
  • The keys and front number-plate from the X5 that I wrote off
  • A stepladder
  • A commercial digital-signage TV that I haven't got around to selling
  • Another cupboard of tools
  • A slab of beer
  • A few eskys
  • Boxes, bags and tubs of general stuff that's not really needed in the house, but isn't going to get thrown away
  • Extension cords
  • A mezzane over the trailer allowing me to store more junk
  • Four pushbikes
  • An open space slightly larger than a 135i where I park.
... and that's half the garage. Am I the only one that uses the garage to store stuff that's not just for the car?
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