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Originally Posted by MNoob View Post
Just noticed this thread. At least there are 3 of us now. Cycling junkie for the last 25 years. If it's got two wheels and pedals, I'm in.
A lot of tech has rolled off the line in the last 25 years. Good time to be a cyclist! My first bike was a Trek 7000 mtn bike.

Originally Posted by Dave 90TT View Post
I do tris, is that close enough? I only have 3 bikes in my house that are mine, so I'm not too crazy, the others are for my wife and kids.
My wife has been a triathlete since 2008. Most of her friends are Tri geeks which means i'm part tri geek by association. lol

Originally Posted by MNoob View Post
Since I stopped racing, I've been able to get down to 4 bikes. I think that is a low as I can go.

I have great respect for triathletes. Running is pure aerobic capacity, cycling has a strength component, and swimming is so dependent on form. The training involved to blend the three successfully must be an art.
Between the wife and I, we have 7 bikes. Hers: Race, road, trainer, mtn. His: Road, trainer, mtn. I just picked up road biking in Dec 2015.

What have you ridden over the years?
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