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People who talk and talk while hogging equipment or being in the way. I did a quick workout at my tiny apartment gym a couple of weeks ago - this one guy and girl were talking literally the entire 25 minutes I was there, while she had her yoga mat, two sets of DBs, and a medicine ball just laying there. Take that sh!t somewhere else.

Re-racking weights is a biggie. Also not a fan of guys who have 3 sets of DBs next to their bench and I haven't seen them use one in 10 minutes.

The wannabe thugs rapping to themselves. How can they not see how big of a tool they are?

Guys who cut off the sides of their shirts so far down that there's literally 1/2" of thread holding it to together at the very bottom, so they're basically half-shirtless. It screams desperation, like men's lingerie. In a gym.

The extreme grunters. There's exertion, and there's trying way too hard to get people to notice your extreme heavy sets, bro.

Along the same lines, the people who drop the bar hard on EVERY deadlift rep. Not to brag as I'm nowhere near this anymore, but at one time I was deadlifting over 400lbs at 5'11" and 175, and even then I didn't drop the bar so hard every time that it sent shockwaves up people's spines on the other side of the gym. The way down is still part of the lift... I can maybe understand the very last rep but every one?

Using equipment for anything other than its intended purpose. Yoga mat right in front of the cable press, flies on the bench press (or worse, dips) when normal benches are available, etc.
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The barbell curl at the squat rack guy.. Nothing more annoying then some dude who feels the need to do his heavy set of back swing curls on the squat rack; while there are people waiting to do actual squats.
This. F@cking this.

I swear, once I get a house, the first thing I'm doing is spending $1,500-$2,000 on a home gym with some basic weights, benches, and a squat rack. Not only will I make the money back in a couple years by not paying gym fees, but working out anytime I want and not having to deal with these imbeciles would be heaven.