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Originally Posted by Schwarzschild Radius View Post
The Assad regime gassed civilians. Your Jimmy Dork show has proven 0 (zero, zilch, nada).
Like I posted previously, you are in this for the attention, not actual facts. You know your "facts" are not facts at all, but flights of fancy.
Wrong , Wrong , Wrong... folks take note how relentless the paid propaganda agents are.... in pushing the Establishment Narrative

Care to Address the OPWC (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) leaked Engineer's report????..... which stated with almost certainly that the bombs had been "placed" , were not dropped from aircraft and did not go through a cement roof reinforced by rebar....

In case anyone wants to dig, The OPCW, with its 193 member states, has its seat in The Hague, Netherlands, and oversees the global endeavour for the permanent and verifiable elimination of chemical weapons