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Looks great. Seems you are making gains slow and steady. 580hp to wheels with at least 10% resistance is closer to 650hp stock. Also not sure you did the break in yet. Usually after break in it makes more power in chunks. Our X3Mc is absolutely stupid now with nothing but race chip and 10000miles on the clock. It probably makes 600+ hp which is what race chip got.

My guess is your car stock with a 3000 miles will put down 600+ at the wheels. With tune probably closer to 700 at the wheel or around 780-800hp. I would be careful to too aggressive a tune with torque as several trans failures have been reported and your car is not fully broken in. BMW has been a PIA about tuned cars lately. Even my dealer got pushed out of doing tunes including Dinan and intakes and exhausts unless BMW performance part.

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